Guided Tours


Here at Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary we graciously share our privately owned 70-acres of cloud forest with adventurous tourists, horticulture enthusiasts, educators and students. Allowing people to experience this unique splendor of tropical flora, we create further awareness of Earth’s most threatened natural community – Tropical Forests. Cloud forests are even more endangered than other types of forests making this a truly rare opportunity.


We continue to encourage educators and horticulture enthusiasts to utilize Kona Cloud Forest for field trips, workshops and lectures. We provide a living classroom that brings to life the subjects often not covered in written material. We are open to further alignment with organizations and educational institutions, expanding our offerings in tropical cloud forest education.

Tour Reservations

Exclusive group tours of Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary are by appointment only.  We are currently working with KapohoKine Tours for guided tours of the forest sanctuary. The phone number to book a tour is (808) 964-1000.

You can call 808-325-6440 to book a private tour of the Sanctuary, but remember, you are responsible for your own transportation to our forest. You can find us on Hao Street near the Mountain Thunder Coffee farm. If you have any questions please contact us.

Schedule your next botanical walk at Kona Cloud Forest! If you are an educator, a student, or a resident of the island and have a group of six or more you may contact us directly.

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Distance and Walking Time 1.5 – 2.5 miles/3 hours.

See for yourself! This very special sanctuary protects plants, birds and the human spirit with its peaceful isolation and cool climate. As you walk through the forest trail, under the canopy of 30 foot tall tree ferns, palm trees, Ohia and bamboo, you will be fascinated by the songs of birds and colorful blossoms.

KapohoKine Adventures specializes in guided hiking adventures into spectacular but seldom-seen corners of the Big Island of Hawai’i. They take you close-up to the beauty and power of Hawai’i’s most striking places, including a special custom tour/botanical walk at Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary.

Pacific Island Institute is an educational travel company that provides multi-day, multi-island experiences in Hawai‘i and the South Pacific. Specializing in group travel, PII works with organizations that bring groups to this region for more than a vacation. With an emphasis on learning about a destination’s true culture and natural environment, PII programs provide your group a chance to meet and interact with the local people. Contact them directly at 808-732-1999.

Big Island Beach Adventures is a unique, intimate 4WD adventure tour company that can include a tour of the Kona Cloud Forest along with other local adventures in the area.