About Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary


On the Big Island of Hawai’i, in the heart of an area known as Kaloko Mauka, is the privately owned 70-acre Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary. Located fifteen minutes from the Kona-Keahole Airport it is the most accessible cloud forest in Hawai’i.

Much of the sanctuary is still covered with native plants. In some designated areas of the property, a fascinating plethora of non-indigenous plants that are carefully managed have been added, enhancing the variety of fragrance and color.

The sanctuary abounds with ancient Koa, Ohia, over 100 varieties of bamboo, and gigantic tree ferns, some of which are 30 feet or more in height. The native forest contains many rare and endangered species which Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary is committed to protecting.

It is also home to many endemic and exotic birds, including the Hawaiian Hawk and  Honey Creepers. At 3,000 feet elevation directly above the Kona coast, the cloud forest helps supply water to agriculture, golf courses, residences and hotels below.

Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary offers botanical tours on the property, education, and special events in cooperation with organizations such as KapohoKine Adventures,  Pacific Island Institute, 4H, and Scouts. We support the protection, education and reforestation of tropical rainforests and cloud forests.

Reverence for the natural cloud forest is an essential element of the Kona Cloud Forest mission and vision. We aspire to be models for both eco-building and ecotourism.

Environmental considerations, including cloud forest protection, resource minimization and energy efficiency are uppermost as the Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary enhances the experiences in nature that we provide to our guests.

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