Kona Cloud Forest Education

It is our firm belief that every visitor to Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary will go home with greater respect and appreciation for tropical ecosystems. Whether they have come to walk on our botanical trails, or to participate in an educational program, or as a guest at a special function, every experience is an opportunity to increase awareness and hopefulness for healthy forests, healthy people.

The world’s forests, especially rainforests and cloud forests, are often referred to as the lungs of the planet. Healthy forests have the potential to benefit communities, wildlife, and the spiritual well-being of people, and are critical to the health of our living planet. However, despite their central role of supporting life on earth, forests are threatened by human actions on a scale far beyond nature’s capacity to adapt. Millions of square miles of tropical forests in Africa, South America and South Asia have been destroyed over the past 50 years. Preserving tropical rainforests and cloud forests has become more critical than ever.


Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawai’i works in cooperation with organizations such as TREE, 4-H, and Scouts to educate adults and children on the importance of protecting tropical ecosystems. Local educators use Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary as a site for organized educational programs and field trips. We are working to encourage further development of programs specific to tropical cloud forests.

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Norm Bezona is involved in workshops, lectures, and special eco-agricultural projects worldwide. One example of this is his contribution to the American Bamboo Society where he works closely to support bamboo bio-diversity.

If you would like Norm to guide your next field trip or speak to your group as part of an educational program at Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary, Norm’s enthusiastic expertise may be reserved on an exclusive basis, depending on availability.

For more information on Norm’s eco-agricultural experience please visit ourHorticulture Consulting page.